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Thankful hearts are joyful hearts. The kingdom is Love, Joy, and Peace. We bless your Thanks-

giving Day with every spiritual blessing and that you be in health as your soul prospers. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Garett, daughter, Danikka
and niece, Hannah having fun with worship in Oaxaca.

Marian, Rufina, Niko & Joe

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We have been going to Oaxaca for four years and it never disappoints us.  Or rather, God and Holy Spirit never disappoint us.  The Jackson family are settled in their new house and before we left plans were drawn up for the needed family/event room and an added dormitory bedroom for the girls.

Garett continues to work with Pastor Niko (photo to the left) in the mountains and various pastors in the city. The hunger for more intimacy with the Father is paramount. Demonstrating the kingdom through the supernatural brings people into the kingdom.  The hunger for intimacy with Father God is growing and revival is all around us.

Our first trip we saw 25% of those prayed for healed.  This trip we saw 90% healed. There is no mistaking that Jesus left it up to us to continue demonstrating the kingdom to all people so that they would know God and experience His goodness. Read Joe's report is on the Pilot Report Page...  

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Those who trust in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall rise up and soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary or give up, and they shall run the race and not faint but win and be victorious instead.

Isaiah 40:31 (Paraphrased)

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Note the updated report by Joe with our month long visit to Oaxaca in January of 2017, just click on "Read and See  More".  When you click on "Read more... there is also a video of Joe speaking at Red Seal Ministries Tuesday night events in San Diego giving testimony to God's provision and love.  

                                                    Be encouraged and be blessed... Joe and Marian

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