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Joe and Marian Vaine have spent 20 years in missionary aviation; Mexico for over ten years and four years with Iris Ministries in Mozambique.  Joe retired from flying in November 2012 and they returned to the USA to reorganize for the purpose of continuing to support missions in Africa and Mexico.  FFJ has a base in Oaxaca with Garett and Stephanie as missionaries and directors.  For two years Joe taught a course in Missionary Aviation to student pilots at San Diego Bible College, located in El Cajon, California.  They have transitioned to "going" to "sending".  They make ministry trips each year to Oaxaca since April 2012 teaming up with the Jacksons to minister in the mountains around the city to encourage the indigenous pastors and their churches with teaching and healing prayer. They are also actively speaking to groups and churches here in the

                                   San Diego area, and working with a local ministry

                                                                 in a Renewal / Revival spirit.




Vision and Calling

The specific purpose of this corporation is to support and partner with mission organizations and individual missionaries including but not limited to aviation ministries and/or missionary pilots for the purpose of presenting the Gospel  of Jesus Christ though out the world. It is to provide materials and financial resources, including but not limited to supplies, Bibles, literature, training and and educational materials, workshops, conferences and all related personnel and teams necessary to the presenting of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.


Home Office in Santee, California, USA

El Shaddai Ministry - Baja Norte, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico - Flying For Jesus Base

Transforming Lives Ministry - Dondo, Mozambique

Footprints P.L.A.Y. - Lanseria, South Africa

Kingdom Wings - Missions to the Women of India

Red Seal Ministries - San Diego, California, USA




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