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These are our Friends and Affiliates, if you will. Here are their personal reports which they have so graciously written for our annual reporting this year.  We are privileged and blessed to have them as partners and close friends. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving that makes it possible for us to share God’s blessings and goodness with these amazing people through financial gifts, support, resources, and Mega Voice

Solar Bibles in the appropriate language required.  We 20 years full-time at home, in Mexico and Africa in aviation and now we are privileged to have a base in Oaxaca and working with Revivalists at home.


​Garett and Stephanie minister in the mountains of Oaxaca.  They come along the indigenous churches with training, encouragement and resources to participate with them in coming alongside the indigenous pastors and their churches with youth conferences, teaching, training and more to build up the Body of Christ and reach out to their communities.  FFJ fully supports them as Directors and official FFJ fulltime missionaries in Oaxaca.



​Glenn and Rosa in Baja Calif. Mexico..."teaching, preaching, counsel and discipleship in the church they pastor, and the restoration house and ranch ... in the restoration house they teach the power of Jesus who gives salvation, release and inner healing "... our goal is not only rehabilitate but for them to be saved and go to free to serve the Lord." We have stood with them for 16 years and they are now also partnering with us Oaxaca.




​Pastor Brian and Lorena work in Asia teaching, training and equipping pastors and teachers developing discipleship, holding conferences in the villages having developed an audio Bible course for the Mega Voice solar Bibles FFJ helps to provide as needed. We worked with them while at Iris Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique and continue to follow their work and offer support whenever we can.




Rick and Maria Sainz move powerfully in the gifts of the Spirit healilng and deliverance, impartations, equipping and raising up the Believers in a Spirit of Revival. Weekly meetings are held at Clairemont Christian Fellowship in San Diego. In August 2013 Joe and Marian joined their team through intercession, and ministering in prayer, healing, and the gifts at their Home Group. We assist at other events and venues as they are scheduled. They are leaders in Revival taking the church to the people on the streets, parks, beaches and more.




​"Participating  in the Lives of African Youth" is a home to experience the love, care and security of family life, to instill hope and opportunities for education and growth for abandoned children being raised up in the Father's love as the next generation for the future of a nation. Yolanda, Founder, Director and chief care giver is assisted by her daughters, Sylvi and Kerry-Lee and local African women. FFJ is more than blessed to be able to sow into the lives of these precious ones each month.

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Linda Kaahanui along with ministry partner Jeanne have been encouraging the village women of India with annual trips "Equiping Non-Literate Women" for about eight years.  

What do they do?

"We love, we teach, we heal the sick and deliver the captives.

Basically, our goal is to do what Jesus did - whatever we see the Father doing! We are about duplication - raising up the women of India to be able to teach others in their own villages.

We believe women are the key to opening up the hearts and homes of India to the message of God's wonderful salvation."

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