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Welcome to thinking. We are always thinking and processing something in our head. We can't help ourselves. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I get thoughts...and so do you, believer or not, that surprise me, take me to deeper places and just see something in God's Word I never saw before. You may read and read the Bible and then one day a particular verse jumps off the page and you "get it". That's revelation at a personal level. If it's real it will never contradict the whole of what the Bible teaches and it will never contradict God. It will always take you to a new place of greater understanding while experiecing God in a new way will follow. Jesus sent Holy Spirit to "help" us. He left for His rightful position at the right hand of the Father and sent Holy Spirit to take His place in our everyday life here on planet earth. He is also our teacher, comforter, guide, nurturer and counselor. And He has a sense of humor. He is brilliant in bringing the heart of the Father into our thinking and experience in relationship to and with Him. Let's explore this together in the coming weeks and months ahead.

I was listening to Jeremy Liddle leading Bethel worship with the song, “This Is Amazing Grace”…the king of glory, the king of all things…this is amazing grace, this is unfailing love that you would take my place, that you would bear my cross, you would lay down your life that I would be set free…Jesus I sing for all that you have done for me.”

Then during a spontaneous musical interlude Jeremy sings, “This is why I sing, this is why I worship, …. What other king leaves the throne? What other king leaves his throne?, What other king leaves his glory?”

Good questions to ponder. And as you ponder, think of some other questions we need to ponder as it relates to kingship, leadership, serving and how that looks in everyday life.

“What other king leaves His throne?”

This is revelatory, this is personal, and this is Jesus.

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